Radio, Television and Community Centers has the advantage of visual images as well as the narrative. It offers the potential combination of image and audio to educate. In national broadcasts, messages can get lost in the mass of other programming, and can lose their local relevance by being generic in format. Community Radio and Television have the potential to communicate more directly with its limited audience and thereby tailor the message more effectively.



From the Community
The Project has changed my community
- Ogbuagu Smith
With 1community, our community is gradually transforming
-  Chidi Brick
I can now connect my local community from anywhere in the world
- Emeka

Our Team

Working in Communities
David Leo Dibua

I am in the Vice President of 1Community Cooperative  Oguta .

PHOTO-2020-04-24-09-13-11 2
Ego Chris

I am a Presenter for Oguta Amaka - a Cultural Magazine Program

Chindu Nduka

Am an Event Reporter and Presenter